Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Kea

These are Kea, the world's only Alpine Parrot.  They live only in New Zealand on the South Island.

Kea like to eat the rubber off cars.  They like to go to campsites to find something to eat or play with.  People should not feed them because they get used to it and when the tourist season ends, they have no food to eat, and can starve to death.

The Kea is related to the Kaka, which is a parrot that lives in the forests of New Zealand.

I like them because they look nice and fluffy.


  1. Interesting! Thanks for posting!
    Have you heard of marsupial mice?????
    I just heard about them today.

  2. :) <3 Great job, Hadley!!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm a bird lover, too.

  3. Wonderful Hadley. We really enjoyed learning about the Kea.